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external image Nombre-animado-Susana-06.gif:is a Hebrew name that comes from "shushannah".

"shus" means white lily and "hannah" grace.
its meaning is "The one who has the chaste and is white as the lily" or "That who preserves the purity and grace".
Are: Dreamers, emotive and shy.
Like: To plant and associate ideas, to be attended,
White lily
White lily
supported and to be with someone that want her close.
Natural talent: Expresses itself as a receptive mind. Could stand out in professions like seller, psychologist, researcher, writer, detective, traveler, stock broker and every career that involves handling money.
  • This name is used in both of my families (Mom and Dad)... My oddmother is named Susana and my great grandmother was also named this way.

external image Nombre-animado-Margarita-04.gif:is a Latin name that comes from the word pearl. its meaning is "That who is a pearl" or "That who has an unusual beauty ," although its use is referred to the flower with the same name in spanish.
Daisy flower
Daisy flower

Are: Demanding, original, fine and sensitive.
Like: To be approved, to approve people and to have mystery in everything they do or say.
Natural talent: Expresses itself as a strong and fast mind.
Could stand out in professions as employee, diplomatic, librarian, musician, politic, painter, sculptor or mediator of peace.
  • My mom's name...