external image 320372_2362659584397_1187563885_32813581_6142445_n.jpgexternal image 400724_2950656243946_1187563885_33181642_365986306_n.jpgHere I am going to be describing some parts of my body...

HAIR: At this point of the Wiki I think you know how is may hair, but I am going to describe it, its wavy, It doesn't have a flat color, At the beginning Its dark and then in the end Its much lighter.

EYES: I have brown eyes, with long eyelashes.

MOUTH: My mouth is really beautiful, they are thick and pink without lip gloss.

ARMS: They are long and slim.

UPPER BODY: (I don't like it) It is not too skinny but is a little bit slender.

LEGS: I have long legs with cute knees because if i stand up they look like some baby faces.

SKIN COLOR: My skin is ligth, like brunette skin.